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We were surprised at how gorgeous the place is! I am most grateful at how accommodating Elaine is (it included a last minute 5.45am pickup) & how she managed to quickly calm & settle my hyper one down. 

Pei Tsing, Parent of Golden Retriever Goldie

I am most grateful at how accommodating Elaine is.  

Elaine is very reliable, patient & observant, & shared ways to improve my boy's wellbeing. Teejay follows her everywhere she goes, as if they have met long before, I am glad Teejay & I found BFF Pet Hotel.

Tiffany Chor, Parent of Dachshund Teejay

I am glad Teejay & I found BFF Pet Hotel.

Oscar jumps out of my car's window into Elaine's arms during drop-offs. She is the only sitter my kid approves of. Unlike with other sitters, Oscar doesn't cry when I leave him with her, & cries when I take him home. My husband is convinced Oscar loves Elaine more!

Christina Nisrein, Parent of Pom Spitz Oscar

She is the only sitter my kid approves of.

My dogs are high maintenance & quite frankly a pain in the a#$e, however, I feel completely confident leaving them at BFF for extended periods. Elaine has a calm disposition & influence on both owners & dogs, I think her secret is that she truly has empathy & love for dogs.

 Lisa Petronelli, Parent of Fu and Harriet 

My dogs are quite frankly a pain in the a#$e.

We did our research before sending Latte to BFF. Thank you, Elaine, for your great care & for returning Latte grass-trained! Really amazed at how you did it. Thank you for your outstanding & professional service, & for the access to the webcams so we could watch Latte anytime. Great job & well-done!

Dennis, Huy Troung, Parent of   Latte  

Thank you for returning Latte grass-trained!

One of the most comfortable & enjoyable pet hotels in Singapore! Elaine & her team had our Husky treated like a little princess, & totally surpassed our expectations! If you are looking for a dog sitter that is empathetic & focused on your dog's well-being, BFF Pet Hotel is your best choice! My family & I have only good things to say & we will be back! :)

Joshua Tan, Parent of Husky Bluey

A dog sitter that is empathetic & focused on your dog's well-being.

Unlike other groomers - who would take Miko over from me & expect me to leave immediately causing Miko to feel very confused - Elaine takes the time to let Miko & me warm up to the place. She takes the time to find out more about Miko both on arrival & prior (while securing an appointment over the phone). While Miko is being groomed, I also receive videos that help assure me Miko is enjoying her sessions.
After the session, Elaine would explain Miko’s current skin & fur condition & share what I should take note of when doing home grooming for Miko! 

Margaret Ng, Parent of Poodle Miko

Both Miko & I had a great time at Fluffy's!

Sending Cotton to BFF is by far the best decision we have made & is money well spent. Timid & insecure, Cotton would growl at strangers & hide under tables. To build her confidence, we have tried other daycare places. Big changes only happened with BFF. After only 2 sessions, she now approaches strangers & dogs on her walks! Elaine also provides us with behaviour performance reviews which help us understand Cotton better. Plus, the entire place smells really good & Cotton would often come home smelling so good! This is my heartfelt review.

Kandis Tan, Parent of Maltipoo Cotton

Cotton has found her 2nd home.

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