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"I am a Free Spirit. I will not let anyone put me in a cage." 

Pet & Dog Hotel Boarding  (AVS License AF22054)

Cage-less luxury, calm environment, immaculate spaces, strict hygiene practices & operational transparency are just some reasons why owners choose BreakFast at Fluffy's
for their pet boarding needs. 

Cage-free Aircon Stay

BreakFast at Fluffy's (BFF) is an immaculate & luxurious cage-free space that advocates play, engagement, exercise, freedom & transparency - just the way your pet would like it. Our Symphony Relax-Therapy ensures calm & comfort for your pet. In the night, guests are grouped by gender, size & temperament.

24/7 Warden & CCTV 

Spend less time on our BFF Night-vision Pet Boarding Webcam because our wardens are on duty 24/7 to care for your pets.

For parents with sepraration anxiety, signup for 24/7 cctv access to watch your kid in play & in sleep, and to keep you relaxed during your holiday.

Care & Consultation

BFF is especially known for building confidence in puppies and timid pups. 

Our strong team of pet care handlers help decode behaviours & assist in behaviour correction. We believe in knowledge sharing to build better owners, so pets receive better pack leadership, care & nutrition.

Complimentary Services

Guests are pampered with a relaxing weekly shower - shampoo, conditioner, blow & fluff - to stay clean, fresh & shiny. BFF will oblige over-energised residents with an AM & a PM walk, daily. We aim to maintain as much normalcy for your pup as possible.

Healthy Organic Cuisine

Maintaining normalcy is the key - bring food from home with meal instructions attached, & any probiotics or supplements. Alternatively, on the menu is air-dried organic kibble; 100% real meat with organic flaxseed, coconut oil, oats, honey, turmeric, + pre- & probiotics.  

Quarantine Inspection

If you are moving to Singapore and your family is required to serve quarantine but not your pet, engage BFF to handle your pet's Inspection & Clearance at the Changi Animal & Plant Quarantine (CAPQ). You pet will spend a staycay with us.

Cage-less Overnight Boarding



10N Package

1 session



10N Package

1 session



 10N Package

1 session



 10N Package

1 session

Private Room


10N Package

1 session

We do our best!

Daycare hours are busy hours.
Whatsapp 96909876

 We apologise if we are unable to attend to all calls & enquiries.

Due to limited play space, BFF is able to host only guests that weigh ≤ 18kg.

Admission Criteria 

Attend & Pass a 1-hour Supervised Suitability/
Temperament Assessment with Pre & Post Review 
(Pre-booking required. 11am-4pm daily. $30)

Pre-assessment proof of:
> Up-to-date parasite prevention
> Up-to-date annual vaccination
Post-assessment proof of: 
> Bordertella (Kennel Cough) vaccination
> AVS Pet License

Supervised Assessment

During the 1st 15min of assessment, we will co-observe with you & provide an initial assessment of your kid's interaction with the pack. Thereafter, parents will leave to explore the Joo Chiat precinct (30min), while staff, slowly & thoughtfully, guide your kid's assimilation into BFF. 

What is being assessed? Assessment is carried out to ensure the safety of all dogs & staff in a free-roam setting. BFF assesses for aggressive tendencies, hyper-stress & hyper-excitement. Some level of anxiety/excitement is expected in a new environment. In short, we are checking for sociability & good manners. 

Service Hours

- 1N charge is from 12pm to 12pm of the next day

- For early checkin (Day 1, 8am-12pm) & late
checkout (last day, 12pm-7pm), daycare rates apply
- After hrs check-ins and outs available at
 $8 (S, S-M) / $9 (M) / $10 (L) per half hr

- Boarding Schedule -

7am - AM Walk
8am - Breakfast
  9am - Group Play

2pm - Siesta      
5pm - PM Walk
6pm - Dinner    
 8pm - Lights Out

Peak Dates Nov-Jan

10 Nov (Fri) - 13 Nov (Mon)
50% Surch on 10, 11, 12 Nov Night
18 Nov (Sat) - 22 Dec (Fri) 
26 Dec (Tue) - 28 Dec (Thu)
20% Surcharge

22 Dec (Fri) - 25 Dec (Mon)

50% Surch on 22, 23, 24, 25 Dec Night 
23-25 Dec: No daycare 

29 Dec (Fri) - 1 Jan (Mon)

50% Surch on 29, 30, 31 Dec, 1 Jan Night
30 Dec- 1 Jan: No daycare 
31 Dec: No check-in & out

9 Feb (Fri) - 12 Feb (Mon)
50% Surch on 9, 10, 11, 12 Feb Night
9-11 Feb: No daycare
9 Feb last checkin, 2pm
10 Feb: No check-in & out


~ Shower & Blow every consecutive 7 days stay
~ Daily AM & PM individual walks
- 24/7 warden & care

- Other Services -
CCTV Access, $3/N
1-way Pet Transport, $30-$50
Fur / Teeth Brushing, $3/day
Fur & Teeth Brushing, $5/day

Organic kibble, $3-$8/meal
Special food preparation, $3-5/day

Administering of medication, $2-5/day
Chemical-free flea prevention, $20 upwards

Cancellation Policy

Reservations made for peak dates
including consecutive dates before and after,
require full pre-payment and are
non-amendable and non-transferable

Peak Season
2 weeks Notice  - Full Refund
Under 2 weeks Notice - 50% Charge

Non-Peak Season
 48hr Notice - Full Refund
Under 48hr Notice - 1 Night Charge

Our Stellar Reviews

If only our pets could speak... Fur-tunately, their parents can, & here is what they say about us!